Equine Acupuncture and Foot Research

A focus on the science of acupuncture and the equine foot

I’m Dr. Lisa Lancaster, a veterinarian in Denver, Colorado. Before becoming a veterinarian I worked as a farrier. I love horses. I love to be around them, ride them, work on their feet, study their feet. I love to talk about horse foot research, laminitis, acupuncture, and chiropractic. I enjoy collaborating with horse owners, farriers, veterinarians and researchers on anything that relates to these topics. The purpose of this website is to share my equine research interests and meet you if you are passionate about these topics too!

I invite you to contact me with questions, comments or your own research ideas so we can work together. Abstracts for peer reviewed publications and conference presentations are listed on ResearchGate.

Areas of Research

Density and Morphologic Features of Primary Epidermal Laminae in the Feet of 3-Year Old Racing Quarter Horses.read more
Regional Density
and Morphology
of Equine Hoof
Wall Tubulesread more
Cortical Bone Density and Trabecular Width in the Distal Phalanx of Racing Quarter Horsesread more
Ting and other points on the distal limb are the focus of a pilot study using doppler ultrasound techniques.read more