Acupuncture and Hoof Research

Both acupuncture and the horse’s hoof are topics that need research and that I find endlessly fascinating. When I’m not treating patients, I am engaged in ongoing research with Dr. Bob Bowker at Michigan State University.

Funding for lab research was provided in part by: Grayson Jockey Club and Research Foundation, American Quarter Horse Association, Equine Performance and Health Funds, Smoke Rise Farm and MSU Graduate Student Scholarships.


I welcome questions about my research and teaching topics, so feel free to contact me so we can start sharing ideas! Abstracts for peer reviewed publications and conference presentations are listed on ResearchGate.

Areas of Research

Density and Morphologic Features of Primary Epidermal Laminae in the Feet of 3-Year Old Racing Quarter more
Regional Density
and Morphology
of Equine Hoof
Wall Tubulesread more
Cortical Bone Density and Trabecular Width in the Distal Phalanx of Racing Quarter Horsesread more
Acupuncture treats more than just pain! It is also used for a wide range of medical more