Laser therapy emits light at a specific wavelength that has positive effects on the body.

All treatments are gentle, safe, and designed to promote your animal’s own healing capacity.

Therapeutic laser is also called Low Level Laser or Cold Laser, to distinguish it from “hot” surgical laser. Low level laser does not cut, and provided it is applied properly, it does not burn.

Laser works at the area of pain or dysfunction by affecting blood flow and local cell metabolism.

Laser therapy can treat many other conditions that respond to acupuncture including organ disease, pain, and musculoskeletal problems. It is particularly helpful for patients that find needles too painful. Animals that get jittery with needles seem to appreciate the laser unit.

The laser I use is safe and animals love the effects!

To learn more about the scientific evidence on laser therapy, see the article “Let There By Light” by Dr. Narda Robinson, DO, DVM.

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