Nose Work has been an amazing experience for both Zoy and me

With Nose Work, my best pal is truly engaged, motivated, and happy at every session.


Guest blogger: Juliana, Zoy’s Mommy

Zoy has always been such a joy!!! For the eight years we have been together she has pulled me along on her leash with a zest for life and has reminded me how to find the joy in each day, be grateful for it, and create it as much as humanly possible.

We lived well in Austin, Texas before moving to Colorado. In our two years here, Zoy embraced the Colorado lifestyle full force. She quickly found a way to enjoy each snowfall, mountain, and lake. She enjoyed them so much that she injured both her knees in the process, and then had to endure two knee surgeries.

We started the recovery from her second surgery last year and we’re doing well. Then, as we were becoming ready to continue our Colorado good life, personal tragedy struck. Zoy was diagnosed with bone cancer.

My sweet best pal was ill in a way I couldn’t fix this time. We moved quickly and met with Dr. Elmslie (our oncologist) who took one look at Zoy and said her exuberant and boisterous personality was a great indicator that she could and would do well if we amputated her cancerous leg. I had to move quickly to give Zoy and myself as many happy days as we would be allowed to have. I did for her what I would do for any loved one, taking out that painful cancer in her leg. She had her surgery and has been hopping around on three legs bravely and fiercely ever since.

I was so happy to have found Dr. Lisa, who has helped me treat Zoy with acupuncture and diet to manage the cancer as best we can. The bigger issue that emerged quickly was how to keep Zoy entertained and happy when she was used to 4-mile runs in Wash Park, long walks, and big hikes on a weekly basis. As soon as Lisa informed me about Nose Work, I was intrigued and researched it straight away.

We attended our first class in the summer, and it was quickly apparent that Zoy was having a blast. We have been moving through higher levels ever since. It has been an amazing experience for both Zoy and me. We now have an activity we can do anywhere that Zoy truly enjoys and that offers her the right amount of physical and mental exercise. The best and most heart-warming impact it has had on me, as an owner, is to see my best pal truly engaged, motivated, and happy at every session.

Nose Work has given Zoy and me many more joyous days and we are going to spend every last day we have sniffing, loving, and living with full hearts!

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