Animal chiropractic originated in the early 20th century as a healing modality focusing on restoring and maintaining optimal joint motion and spinal function. I employ chiropractic treatments as part of a customized plan for each patient.

My goal is to safely alleviate pain and to restore normal posture and muscle tone in my patients. All treatments are gentle, safe, and designed to promote your animal’s own healing capacity. Sometimes I use specialized equipment, other times my hands are the instruments that deliver the targeted adjustments.

Common conditions that respond well to chiropractic include back or neck pain, sport or play related injuries, stiffness, difficulty getting up or down, unwillingness to go forward, or gait abnormalities such as bunny hopping to toe dragging.

Offering customized treatment plans for every patient


Acupuncture treats more than just pain! It is also used for a wide range of medical conditions.

Physical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation improves mobility, strength and body awareness so animals can work and play with greater ease!

Horse & Hoof

My farrier background gives me a feet first approach to whole horse health.