Acupuncture & Laser

Acupuncture is an ancient healing practice that has growing support in modern evidence based medicine. Animal acupuncture is one of the safest forms of veterinary treatment.

Acupuncture is well known for pain control but is also used for many conditions including digestive illness, urinary problems, liver or kidney disease, eye or ear conditions, cancer pain or side effects of chemotherapy, behavioral problems, stiffness or lameness and more.

Why is acupuncture effective for so many different conditions?
The simplest answer is that acupuncture affects the nervous system, the nervous system influences the entire body, therefore acupuncture has widespread effects. The body’s natural regulating and disease fighting mechanisms are positively affected, and physical and emotional well-being are promoted. Because acupuncture needles are of such fine diameter, most animals don’t experience discomfort when the needles are applied. Many relax when the needles are inserted, and some of my patients (even cats!) fall asleep during the treatment.

What happens during a treatment if my animal is afraid of acupuncture needles? For patients who get nervous or uncomfortable with needles, I use a therapeutic laser. Technically known as photobiomodulation therapy, veterinary laser therapy is light energy focused on target tissues using a ‘low level’ or ‘cold’ laser, as opposed to a ‘hot’ surgical one. Low level lasers don’t cut, and when applied properly, don’t burn either.

By emitting light at specific wavelengths, laser therapy works at the area of pain or injury by affecting blood flow and local cell metabolism resulting in decreased pain and accelerated healing.

The lasers I use are safe, and animals love the effects!

Offering customized treatment plans for every patient


Stiff, lame or abnormal posture or movement patterns? Chiropractic treatment might help.

Physical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation improves mobility, strength and body awareness so animals can work and play with greater ease!

Horse & Hoof

My farrier background gives me a feet first approach to whole horse health.