Horse and Hoof

My farrier background combined with veterinary training helps me treat the whole horse – from toes to tail! Collaborating with farriers allows me to help horses with many types of hoof conditions.

A Feet First Approach to Whole Horse Health

Hoof and whole horse healing happens from the inside. But what we do to the outside—with trimming, shoeing, and physical medicine—can either impair or enhance healing. My goal is to help you provide your horse with everything they need to maximize healing and maintain optimum health, for their feet and whole body.

I have a special interest in horses whose foot pain or laminitis may be related to metabolic causes such as Cushing’s disease or equine metabolic syndrome.

Before becoming a veterinarian, I worked as a farrier. I love horses. I love to be around them, ride them, work on their bodies and their feet. I love to talk about horse foot research, laminitis, acupuncture, and chiropractic. I enjoy collaborating with horse owners, farriers, veterinarians and researchers on anything that relates to these topics.

Like many young girls who love horses, I planned on becoming a veterinarian since childhood. Growing up, I always felt at home when riding, my view of the world framed by a horse’s ears. Becoming a farrier, however, was not a vision I had for myself until I finished shoeing school, when I found myself equally at home riding horses or working on their feet. When I attended horse shoeing school with the simple goal of providing basic hoof care to my own horses, I did not realize I would end up first working as a farrier, and later developing an academic interest in horse foot science.

My fascination with all things hoof-related led me to choose Michigan State University for veterinary school, so I could work in the Equine Foot Lab with Bob Bowker.

I spent so many years benefiting from what horses offer to humans that I am happy to finally offer something in return to help these amazing animals. I am dedicated to helping owners make good hoof and horse care decisions. I am grateful to be involved in teaching and research. And I love sharing what I learn about acupuncture, horse, and hoof science with my colleagues and clients!

See a few photos of my life with my horse Eddie. He was my companion when I was in high school and for decades after that until two years after I graduated from vet school.

My academic background:

Offering customized treatment plans for every patient


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Physical Rehabilitation

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