Skeeter, 1992-2012: In Loving Memory

Skeeter was Barb’s faithful companion for many years. His faithful greeting always showed his love.

He was a lucky horse to have Barb as his owner because she did everything possible to give him a good quality of life despite his severe navicular disease. Navicular disease involves bone degeneration and soft tissue damage in horses’ feet. There is no cure for this condition, but there are several treatment options for this condition and Barb tried lots of them. I first met Skeeter in 2001 when I was working as a farrier before I went to vet school.

Skeeter needed specific trim techniques to keep him comfortable. He taught me about customizing hoof balance for a particular patient rather than following what I thought looked the best. During vet school I published a book on horse feet, and the book was dedicated in part to Skeeter who taught me so much.

Barb and I stayed in touch while I was at school in Michigan. When I got back to Colorado I once again had the pleasure of working with Skeeter. I used acupuncture and laser to help him with the whole body muscle tightness that results from chronic foot disease.

As he got older Skeeter developed heaves, an allergic condition similar to asthma in humans. Despite Skeeter’s progressive health challenges he was always happy to see Barb, and he enjoyed their time together.

Skeeter received the best veterinary care possible throughout his life with Barb. He also had regular chiropractic treatments. Although he could not do a lot of hard physical activity when he was younger he liked to go trail riding, and when he was older he liked to play natural horsemanship games with Barb.

Barb went through some difficult health challenges in the years she had Skeeter. He was always there for her. Skeeter had an unwavering gentle, patient and stoic nature. We knew when his pain was increasing, but he never displayed aggression or irritation towards the people in his life.

It is hard to let our dear animal friends go. We always know the day will come but that does not make it easier. Barb made the right choice to help Skeeter pass on once his pain was no longer responsive to the highest standard of veterinary care.

Thank you Skeeter for your love and patience over so many years as all of us (Barb and all your vets, trainers, and other equine therapists) tried to help you. It was an honor to be part of your life. Thank you Barb for our friendship over these years; the memory of Skeeter will bond us together into the future.

Skeeter was a great horse who touched many people’s lives. He loved Barb and the life she provided for him. He showed his gratitude in many ways. It was evident to everyone who saw Barb and Skeeter together — the way he looked at her with his big soft eyes, the way he moved close to her even if she didn’t have a pocket full of treats, the way he followed her around without a halter, the way he always whinnied at her when she arrived at his paddock. Day or night, whether she was there to see him once a day or multiple visits per day, his faithful greeting always showed his love.

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