Nose Work has been an amazing experience for both Zoy and me

With Nose Work, my best pal is truly engaged, motivated, and happy at every session.   Guest blogger: Juliana, Zoy’s Mommy Zoy has always been such a joy!!! For the eight years we have been together she has pulled me along on her leash with a zest for life and has reminded me how to find the joy in each … read more

Zoy, the Black Lab who loves Nose Work!

Meet Zoy, a 9-year old Black Lab who is benefitting from K9 Nose Work®. Zoy is a friendly 9-year old girl with a big smile and a zest for life. She loves to swim, and to bounce in the air as a way of greeting her human friends. Nothing stops Zoy from wagging her tail and being her naturally exuberant … read more

Three-Legged MaxFund Dog Gets Some Help From Orthopets

An Orthopedic Brace Helps an Amputee Dog Grasshopper is a 2 year old Italian greyhound/Chihuahua dog who was living at the MaxFund shelter when I met him. A charming guy, this small dog with a big personality instantly worked his magic on me. I considered adopting him. He had already been returned to the shelter once because he had jumped … read more