Customer Resources

Pet Euthanasia Home Services

 • Dr. Jason Cordeiro: One Last Gift – Mobile Pet Euthanasia Service: Providing Comfort, Care and
 • Dr. Christine Daigler: A Peaceful Passage – Euthanasia & Hospice Care in Your Home –
 • Dr. Kathleen Cooney: Home to Heaven – Say Goodbye in the Comfort of Home –

Multidoctor practice, 24-hour availability: Caring Pathways –

Pet Loss Support

 • Denver Pet Loss Support Group provided by The Human Animal Bond

Small Animal Natural Care
 • Veterinarian-owned site for great information on cat nutrition and general health –
 • A database of information on veterinary disease treatment, including articles by veterinary specialists, searchable by species –

Horse Care

 • Hoofcare and Lameness blog with links to everything in the hoof care world, and breaking news blog
 • Equine customized deworming –
 • Hay analysis –

Offering customized treatment plans for every animal

Acupuncture treats more than just pain! It is also used for a wide range of medical more
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Laser is well known for its benefits on wound healing but also has healing effect on many other other conditions!read more
Does your horse have laminitis, Cushing’s or metabolic syndrome, or other causes of lameness or foot pain?read more